Where the Rivers Collide

from by Ben Simon



Send the one who has suffered me
I will meet him at the joining of the rivers
At the banks of the waters that raged to destroy this wretched Earth

I will bestow a gift none but the gods have ever possessed
And though I hated the drone of man, the incessant noise
Atrahasis has survived

what even the gods cowered from
He continues to endure
His pertinacity makes him worthy
He is worthy.

Elil, why am I here after willing my dismissal
Is it not enough for you to deface the world?
Is it not enough for the gods to cower at your feet
You malicious sadist, your capriciousness makes you a worthless tyrant
But you cannot rid so easily of me
You cannot rid of me

I do not understand why
for seven days you made my question my existence.
Why for seven days did you make me question my existence?


What I did may seem cruel to you
I only wished to rid of your noise and so,
I allowed the floods to consume you
The earth is quiet now
You have prevailed

I have brought you here
To receive a gift unlike any other
It has been reserved for a worthy man
You are that man

Here’s the one who has suffered me
We finally unite at joining of the rivers
Do you wish for a place amongst the gods,
Do you wish to become a God?


from Worship the Ancient, released November 4, 2016
Spoken Word by: Christopher Hitchens



all rights reserved


Ben Simon Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario

Ben Simon's sophomore album, "WORSHIP THE ANCIENT" is OUT NOW!

Ben released his instrumental debut album "The Reckoning" on Oct. 21st, 2014. Vocal version was released on June 19th, 2015!

Ben lost his father September 11th, 2013, and music has certainly provided the emotional outlet needed.
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