Worship the Ancient

by Ben Simon

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"Worship the Ancient" is the sophomore release from Ben Simon. After his success of his debut album, "The Reckoning" released in October of 2014, Ben knew that his sophomore release would have to be even bigger.

"Worship the Ancient" tells the story of the Sumerian mythos regarding the flood legend. From song 1 through song 9, the interaction between the God Ellil and the man Atrahasis is explored.

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released November 4, 2016

All songs written by: Ben Simon
Vocals performed by: Logan Adams (from Eternal Void)
Lyrics written by: David Leavell, & Ben Simon
Guest Solo on "Preserver of Life" by: Dmitry Demyanenko (Shokran)

Produced by: Harley Butt at Acrylic Recording Toronto, On
Recorded, Edited, Mixed, and Mastered by: Harley Butt at Acrylic Recording
Programming by: Harley Butt & Ben Simon
Bass and Guitars performed by: Ben Simon

Artwork: Mark Erskine (Gravedealer Art)



all rights reserved


Ben Simon Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario

Ben Simon's sophomore album, "WORSHIP THE ANCIENT" is OUT NOW!

Ben released his instrumental debut album "The Reckoning" on Oct. 21st, 2014. Vocal version was released on June 19th, 2015!

Ben lost his father September 11th, 2013, and music has certainly provided the emotional outlet needed.
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Track Name: Preserver of Life
I was bound by oath to keep such words from your mortal ears.
Simple man of clay and blood, listen well:

Waters will rise, a genocidal flood
So take your home apart
And construct an ark
Roof it so the sun you shall never see
Large enough to hold two of every beast

The rains will come, and you shall find no shore

And then he left as quickly as he came,
My head spun trying to contemplate
Everything and everyone I've cared for
To be destroyed by the overflow

Soon to be washed, and smashed against the rocks
By the god I once adored.
Now you betray me, how dare you betray us all?

Prepare for nothing short of desecration (annihilation)
The birds who circle the sky
will have nowhere left to Roam.

"And Ellil watched from the heavens, with great pleasure. Consumed by thoughts of destroying the creatures no longer worthy of the life they had been given, a decision was made. Mankind’s noise had become too much."

From the heavens he watched, consumed by destruction.
From the heavens he watched, mankind’s noise was too much.

Drought and plague are mere amusements
in comparison of what's to come
Drought and plague are mere amusements
His will shall be done

I will build my Preserver of Life.
I will not cower from this pain
Though I may be clay and blood,
I beseech you Ellil, bring forth your rain

Your rain!
Your words have reached my mortal ears.
Track Name: The Deluge
You are pathetic

Years ago, we carved out the Tigris and Euphrates
And now they will flood the land, destroying earth’s pestilence.

You made me eradicate my greatest work
All of my labors mean nothing to you

For too long I have been assaulted by your kind,
The rains will wash you out.
For too long I have been assaulted by your kind,
Like the ants you scatter, just to fucking drown.

Just to fucking drown.

The water will swallow you just as Nirah swallows the rats

The winds will resound
A symphony vociferous
The sun partitioned from your eyes
The winds will resound
A symphony vociferous
Do not disavow your finality

Gasp for breath, the waves come crashing in
Your lungs fill with water, cry out for air.
Gasp for breath, the waves come crashing in.
Your lungs fill with water, cry out!

Composed by Enki's request,
he fed you when I plagued the lands
he begged me not to flood you

Welcome to your demise

I used to accept your offerings
but now I will sacrifice you and your unbearable kind.

Accept that you are to be demolished in the sea
An end to this has come.

For too long I have been assaulted by your kind,
The rains have washed you out.
For too long I have been assaulted by your kind,
Atrahasis, why did you not drown?
Track Name: Mount of Salvation
I stand amidst a ruptured earth
That you tried so hard to destroy
For seven days I did not know if the water was surging or descending

I thought I would never see the sun again
The light partitioned from my eyes
You are a God to man, yet I was formed from the Gods
And the clay you spat upon
As if I was nothing to you

I denied you sleep
So you begrudged my existence with your pathetic attempts
You call yourself a God? You’re a goddamn insignificance.
I bow to no one.

Even in the midst of perdition,
I still have found a way to stand against you
And though I now have nothing, I will persist
With every breath I have left to take

I’ve struggled to stay undaunted
But it is no longer my choice
I am exhausted

Nothing but an exile

In a world I don’t belong
A vagabond with no possessions
Nothing but an exile
In a world I don’t belong to

Wayfaring stranger
The winds and rain have ripped everything apart
Despite being so broken
I am not defeated
I will not rest until I destroy you
I will not cease until you have felt my pain

This world is broken, and destroyed
I walk upon its spine
Like the ancients did before
With no direction
I wander alone
Track Name: Where the Rivers Collide
Send the one who has suffered me
I will meet him at the joining of the rivers
At the banks of the waters that raged to destroy this wretched Earth

I will bestow a gift none but the gods have ever possessed
And though I hated the drone of man, the incessant noise
Atrahasis has survived

what even the gods cowered from
He continues to endure
His pertinacity makes him worthy
He is worthy.

Elil, why am I here after willing my dismissal
Is it not enough for you to deface the world?
Is it not enough for the gods to cower at your feet
You malicious sadist, your capriciousness makes you a worthless tyrant
But you cannot rid so easily of me
You cannot rid of me

I do not understand why
for seven days you made my question my existence.
Why for seven days did you make me question my existence?


What I did may seem cruel to you
I only wished to rid of your noise and so,
I allowed the floods to consume you
The earth is quiet now
You have prevailed

I have brought you here
To receive a gift unlike any other
It has been reserved for a worthy man
You are that man

Here’s the one who has suffered me
We finally unite at joining of the rivers
Do you wish for a place amongst the gods,
Do you wish to become a God?
Track Name: The Gift of Immortality
I was beaten by the rains and suffered the rivers
While you were consumed by the hatred, committed to me
all was destroyed
rendering me an exile.
Nothing to live, all was destroyed, your global genocide.

Every attempt to rid of me was made
One man in the shadow of the gods
One man in the shadow of the gods
One man, alone

The overwhelming scent from the rotting of flesh
were all that I knew
As I the only left, made my way to survive
deemed worthy of eternal life

It is no gift as you may believe
to be immortal is a burden
Even sadness ends for most
mine is recurring

The dead can escape their mistakes
But I belabor them

Nothing but a slave to the gods
I’ve never regretted life
Nothing but a slave to the gods
I would embrace death now

I would rather die a thousand times
Than to bow at your feet and worship the god
who destroyed the world
Everything that I love, gone
There is nothing but suffering now
Track Name: Worship the Ancient
Goddamn you.

I regret nothing I have done to you
You are naught but a pitiful annoyance
Plaguing the lands just as your noise plagued my ears
the nights I lay awake

Insane with insomnia
I could not take it any longer

And despite the plea from Enki
I concluded there would only be peace
Through suffering
Not mine of course, but yours
And now my world is at ease

Is it maddening to know
that I destroyed the world?
Everyone in it, but you.

And after wandering
Scraping along the earth
Vultures waited to pick your bones
you denied me
cursing the gods
With every step you took

Despite survival
Now immortal, to bow at the feet
of the god who vowed to destroy you?

Keeping you to serve the gods proves just as sentimental
you cannot escape your divine decree
the earth is mine
you are mine
and I shall do as I fucking please

The Earth bends to my will
Everything in it, my creations
Will fall to their knees, and serve the god

My creations will fall to their knees and the serve the god.
Serve the god who created the world, and destroyed it.